120+ in-depth interviews with senior city officials, industry experts and company representatives interested in investing in the region, or expanding there.


250+ city and industry experts from corporates and SMEs, as well as senior academics, will be sharing their insights to identify current and future trends, developments and innovations.


There will be a series of events, running from June 2020 to June 2021. Each event will focus on a specific topic related to urban tech. There will be panel discussions with the opportunity to ask the expert and interact with them.


Each event will be followed by an expert insights document featuring event highlights, key takeaways and interviews.


We will publish the final report in June 2021, which will offer insights and analysis of trends, innovations and business opportunities in the market.

The report will be based on the goals and objectives of cities and organisations and will reflect the future trends and initiatives that drive urban tech developments and opportunities. 

We will look at:

  • Six key areas
    • City mobility
    • Connectivity & digitalisation
    • Edtech & worktech
    • Govtech & Healthtech
    • Greentech & cleantech
    • Proptech & real estate
  • Six key technologies
    • AI and Machine Learning, VR, AR (Mixed Reality)
    • Blockchain
    • Geospatial technology
    • ICT
    • Internet of Things and Big Data
    • Sensors

We will then go on to highlight opportunities, innovation and initiatives from 30 key cities across Europe, as well as from business and academic stakeholders within urban tech.