The final report will be published in June 2021, offering insights and analysis of trends, innovations and business opportunities in the market.

It will be based on the goals and objectives of cities and organisations and will reflect the future trends and initiatives that drive urban tech developments and opportunities. 

We will discuss Global trends and futurists’ view on urban development, as well as an analysis of obstacles and opportunities.

We will explore key domains and technologies. (see table of contents below for details).

Finally the spotlight will be on, opportunities, innovation and initiatives from 30 key cities across Europe, as well as from business stakeholders within urban tech. Who is doing what and why.

Insights gained from the events, interviews, our survey and expert insights will be analysed in order to provide you with a robust and detailed view of the urban tech community.

20 pioneering cities and 10 cities* to watch in the European urban tech landscape, that are already offering great business opportunities, innovation and developments.

* Stay tuned for the 10 cities to watch in the coming months


Aarhus, Denmark
Cork, Ireland
Helsinki, Finland
Lisbon, Portugal
Manchester, UK
Munich, Germany
Rotterdam, Netherlands
Toulouse, France

Budapest, Hungary
Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Krakow, Poland
Kyiv, Ukraine
Ljubljana, Slovenia
Prague, Czech Republic
Sofia, Bulgaria
Tallinn, Estonia
Tbilisi, Georgia
Vilnius, Lithuania


More than 120 high-level interviews with senior city officials, company representatives and industry experts.


More than 250 city and industry experts from corporates and SMEs, as well as senior academics, will be sharing their insights to identify current and future trends, developments and innovations.



Report structure

• What is urban tech?
• Global trends and futurists’ view on urban development
• Urban tech in Europe — analysis of obstacles and opportunities

  • Six key areas
    • City mobility
    • Connectivity & digitalisation
    • Edtech & worktech
    • Govtech
    • Greentech & cleantech
    • Proptech & real estate
  • Six key technologies
    • AI and Machine Learning, VR, AR (Mixed Reality)
    • Blockchain
    • Geospatial technology
    • ICT
    • Internet of Things and Big Data
    • Sensors
  • 30 city profiles
    • 10 in Eastern Europe
    • 10 in Western Europe
    • 10 cities to watch

Six key areas in detail

City mobility (public transport, city planning, traffic, parking, autonomous vehicles, transport infrastructure, e-commerce, sharing rides, new mobility (e.g. e-scooter) etc)

Connectivity & digitalisation (ICT, cyber security, high tech industries, telecom, 4G + 5G, knowledge economy, automation and robotics, etc)

Edtech & worktech (human capital, education, creativity, entrepreneurship, future of work, workplace technology, workspaces, innovation hubs etc)

Govtech (e-government, governance, citizen engagement, collaboration, public services, including health, policies, safety, etc)

Greentech & cleantech (utilities, waste management, water and energy efficiency, sustainable environment, sustainable growth, pollution control, city lighting, urban farming, etc)

Proptech and real estate (smart buildings, housing)