See Intelligence and Forglobal have joined forces to uncover Europe‚Äôs Urban Tech with input from some of our independent advisors: Creatives Loop, Emerging Europe and AMENA Trade and Investment.

We explore opportunities for smart investment in 30 European cities, when navigating Urban Tech developments. It is not a ranking, but a selection of the most promising European cities and an understanding of the businesses involved.

Spotlight on Urban Tech in Europe 2020-2021 consists of a final report, online and offline events and expert insights. We will also include primary and secondary research, surveys and interviews.

As we now face global economic uncertainty, it is even more crucial to focus on the opportunities and solutions that innovations in urban tech offer. Understanding how developments in the sector can be leveraged to benefit communities, cities and businesses is now vital when considering a new investment. Our series of webinars, expert insights and our final report will allow you to connect with thought leaders and gain insights into the potential for growth in the urban tech world.

Exploring how urban tech can add value to the business environment will be pivotal for cities in attracting and retaining new business.

For businesses, understanding how to position your offering in order to benefit from urban tech innovations may prove to be the difference between success and failure when expanding in existing markets, or entering new ones. Being involved in the discussion with cities and academics, as well as other stakeholders in the urban tech space gives the opportunity to be ahead of the competition.

Engaging with cities and businesses in order to drive future change offers academics the possibility of additional funding streams for research and development, as well as career opportunities for students.