City representative Lyon
Agata Prokop, New Technologies Manager of Climate- Energy- Water Management, Municipality of Krakow
Business representative TBC
Academic TBC

Firstly, we will discuss the ongoing impact of COVID 19. How cities and businesses have adapted and what technologies have been critical to continue operations.

Stakeholders, technology and the right framework are vital to develop a sustainable and high-quality city. But how is it possible design ‘ideal’ cities and test with limited risks?

Key experience with operative demonstration projects for major urban redevelopment project.

How to monitor and replicate proven concepts to new areas.

How to incentivise urban tech development — introducing helpful regulations and eliminating red tape

We will ask our panel to discuss how this has led to new technologies, organisational changes, collaboration amongst cities, corporates and academics.

From a city perspective, we highlight why it is important to be involved in urban tech development and answer the question, how does that translate to smart future investment and opportunities for cities, businesses and academics?